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  • PRICE ANALYSIS: BITCOIN | 2018-04-14
    PRICE ANALYSIS: BITCOIN April 11, 2018 Bitcoin price has been straddling the $6600 - $7000 range for the past week. The market seems to be in consolidation. Its 67% correction since $20k has left most bruised, bloodied, and broken. Many reasons can be attributed to this, but more recent news involving George Soros and Rockefeller […]
  • PRICE ANALYSIS: ETHEREUM | April 3, 2018 2018-04-04
    Bull case: Our target is the $493 - $530 range, but this seems unlikely. Technical analysis doesn’t support this claim, all indicators are pointing towards a bearish future. The only bullish sign is the fact that the Tenkan-Sen happens to be at this trading range. Meaning we are currently in oversold territory, so people may […]
  • PRICE ANALYSIS: BITCOIN | April 3, 2018 2018-04-04
    Bull case: Stochastic RSI shows a bullish divergence, meaning price is set to pivot upwards towards $7800 resistance. If we are able to break this resistance level, it’s likely that price may reach the Kijun-Sen at $8800. We have already tested the Kijun-Sen four times since late February, it seems likely that we will again […]
  • Bitcoin Analysis test page 2018-02-22
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  • Update – August 2017 2017-08-05
    As the crypto space has continually rapidly to evolve so has the mission and scope of Crypto.Press. When I first began this project Bitcoin was $180 and the alt coin arena was decidedly smaller. The snapshot of coins that has been running was taken 1 year ago and represented the top coins in the space […]
  • Updates Updates Updates… What is coming up for Crypto.Press in 2017 2017-04-14
    Crypto.Press crunches a lot of data and that heavy lifting has been done a dev box. The code has been optimized to support more crypto currencies then exist today and it is finally time to graduate CP to dedicated hardware. I am testing the new systems now and hope to roll them out without any […]
  • test 2017-02-13
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  • Updates! Pricing Information, Charts, and a new faster back-end for 100+ Crypto Currencies! 2017-02-02
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  • Crypto.Press 2017 & Beyond 2017-01-21
    Somewhere in the distance the groans of old gears are heard starting up...[intense_icon type="gear" size="2" color="primary" spin="1"] Crypto.Press has been a passion project for me for over a year now. As passion projects go, sometimes there is a hiatus when real life rears. Crypto.Press has been on one of those for a few months from […]
  • Crypto.Press, More Information! 2016-07-20
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